Daily Essentials


Daily Essentials: Activities for pregnancy comfort and easier birth

ISBN 978-0-9776793-6-2

Spinning Babies new Video featuring Blooma's Sarah Longacre

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 Daily Essentials presonal "exercise" or "yoga" video for general daily flexibility and comfort. 88 minute video.  Check out the Preview or download it today:


"Our clients are loving your Daily Essentials DVD. I only bought one from the Midwifery Today Conference in Byron Bay - and now wished I had bought 10!!" - Josie Greaves, Midwife.

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Find Your Balance

"I am absolutely melting at how wonderful the Daily Essentials video is! It's a Prenatal Yoga instructor's dream! Thanks so much for putting it together with such detail." - Holly Keich said, on Facebook
"I am a busy bee working on my doula training. I was just on your website, purchased and saw your yoga video. Simply Terrific!! I am going to say to all my childbirth ed students to buy it from you from now on! That will be their required homework while they are taking my six week classes. They must practice your video every day." 
"I loved the Daily Essentials DVD! I am a kundalini yoga instructor (I teach pregnant women also) and, now that I’m pregnant, I’m enjoying my practice even more: kundalini yoga is different but I love all yoga styles and I really enjoyed the class on your DVD. Above all, I found very helpful all the tips about how to sit, walk and rest properly in order to maintain a good alignment of the pelvis!" 
"I have just watched your Daily Essentials video. Truly beautiful; everything I want to share with women. I am so inspired and moved..." -  Jo Lederer




Move your way towards an easier birth.

Nature has a plan for a woman's birthing body to open for baby to emerge. Yet, sitting through 12+ years of school, spending time in cars, in front of a computer, or relaxing on the couch all reduce pelvic flexibilty.  A more flexible pelvis can support your desires for your baby to have an easier birth. Is your body back to balance? 

Regular stretching make a remarkable difference. 

Daily Activities, a gentle 35-minute stretch into birth. Step by step instructions anyone can use!

Yoga Sarah Longacre integrates Daily Activities into a 28-minute Blooma Yoga Flow

Move Smart: Immediately, gain insights on how to move ways that encourage fetal positioning.

More on how to sit correctly on a ball, in the car, on a couch.

Reduce pregnancy discomforts such as sciatica, pelvic instability, symphysis pubis weakness, sore back or hips. Keep your pelvis dynamic!

Forward Leaning Inversion - the daily -do that relieves back and hip pain and makes room for baby to move head down and anterior. Gravity friendly and fun ways towards easier childbirth.


79 minutes of action and learning

  • Daily Essentials
  • Move Smart
  • Rest Smart
  • Forward Leaning Inversion
  • Blooma Yoga Flow



Daily Essentials prepares women for easier birth and increases pregnancy comfort.

Each move is choreographed to prepare muscles, joints and ligaments for “opening day!” Start Streaming now. Your comfort is waiting for this happy, daily habit. Each day brings us closer or further from our dreams. We're here to support an easier birth for you. Join your own parade and celebrate your birth. 






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You'll find so much more in The Belly Mapping Workbook

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Written for parents - but professionals love it!
48 pages, 100 illustrations and photos.
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"Gail’s calm approach includes affirmations of trusting birth to make this booklet a joy to share with families in a midwife’s care." -Midwifery Today Website


One Belly Mapping Booklet


Bulk Belly Mapping BooksThe Belly Mapping Workbook

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If you are a Certified Professional Midwife, you may earn 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by watching the DVD and taking the post test. Buy the MEAC CEU option now ($25) or read more to decide... THE RSD DVD is out of print. You can use these CEUs if you watch your friend's copy of the DVD. Get a group of 5 CPMs and get a discount on CEUs. Buy 4 and get 5 CEU certificates when CPMs register (simply by listing names and the date of the gathering) as a group and attaching the posttests to the email. Easy right?

Read more: RSD DVD CEUs


Pregnancy Protocol for any malpositionDownload the Pregnancy Protocol pdf. [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 765.54 KB]  Use for yourself or your class, but please do not publish it in your materials or cut and paste portion of it. Use it whole and you have permission to copy and distribute it.
Download the Resolving Shoulder Dystocia DVD Post test. Its free to take, anyone can, but costs $25 to process 2 MEAC CEUs for Certified Professional Midwives' Continuing Education Units (CEUs or Contact Hours). 

Download the pdf.Download the  English Parent Belly Mapping handout pdf.[Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.96 MB]

Download Espanol Mapeo del Vientre Para los Padres [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.84 MB]

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Spinning Babies Parent Class 

Childbirth Preparation

Soon pregnant parents around the world can take a Spinning Babies class from their own monitor! Join six couples and find out how Spinning Babies might enhance your labor and birth.

Real consultations with two couples right at our class location, one with a breech baby (head up) and one with a baby in a transverse lie (lying sideways).


A companion to Daily Essentials (below), Spinning Babies Parent Class goes beyond the basics. Simple props show complex concepts. Little-known anatomy is linked fetal positioning.

The Creation of the Spinning Babies Childbirth Preparation Class, due Dec 2013

The section on labor discusses two labor patterns- the one "promised" in other books and the unexpected labor pattern associated with the posterior labor.

Learn techniques to help baby through the pelvis.

Empowering birth with practical know-how.

Filmed in Minneapolis at Everday-Miracles Pregnancy Center.  This video is all Spinning Babies.




Purchase this co-venture video experience with Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga! 

Spinning Babies; Daily Essentials Video

Sarah Longacre and Gail Tully present a Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga collaboration in a three video series for pregnant women preparing for easier childbirth through body balancing, maternal positioning and yoga.Together Sarah Longacre, international prenatal yoga instructor and birth doula, and Gail Tully, yours truly, created a unique instructional video for flexibility and comfort in pregnancy and to support better fetal positioning in time for birth.

Here are daily activities for stretching and balancing a pregnant body. Start early in pregnancy to prepare to make the most space for baby's best birth position and the most ease for mother's opening during the birth process.

We begin the program for women of average flexibility (or just plain stiff to start with) and beginner tips.  But soon, you'll be ready to move freely! That's when Sarah brings the stretches all together into her easy to follow, playful, sensual, and flowing "Blooma Style" daily routine.

Sarah's "dance of opening," moves joints and ligaments to come alive under the delightful melody and percussions of Carin Vagle. This isn't about core strength; its about freedom of movement and creating space in the body.

Sarah plays along with Gail's little game of "Flashlight" to show pregnant women how to evaluate their own posture and positions. Smart Maternal Positioning helps baby snuggle their backs into the front of the womb for Optimal Fetal Positioning. 


Daily Essentials includes tips for using Maternal Positioning around the house. Actual scenes in the bedroom, living room and even the bathroom. Practical instruction like no other video. You will be sleeping more comfortably immediately when using these tips. Within a week or two many pregnancy discomforts of the pelvis and lower back may be reduced when all these nurturing techniques are integrated into your daily lifestyle.

Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga-- a natural collaborative!




Blooma Yoga Prenatal Yoga for AM and PM

Warm up in the morning and cool down in the evening in two 30-minute sequences. Sarah Longacre shares her own blossoming pregnancy to the exquisite music of Carin Vagle.  Sarah's affirmations will carry you through labor with emotional strength and encouragement. Bring your hormones into harmony with the day. Cool down at night with a sleep enhancing stretch before bed. This video is all Blooma! Blooma's AM/PM Yoga


All three videos are professionally produced by Melissa Koch of Grey Duck Productions, with stills by Tanya Villano Photography, each of these three videos are dynamic on their own. Together they will enhance your pregnancy and labor experience with fun and empowerment in the most practical manner. Feel hope for your birth abilities, this is support for your journey. Gain the confidence and flexibility to fully bloom. I believe these videos carry the potential to bring your best birth dreams into the gentle reality.  

Compassionately priced. Estimated Due Date for Spinning Babies Parent Class, November, 2014.