Spinning Babies and nutrition

I just can't help myself. As a midwife and doula over the years, I can't talk about childbirth without emphasizing good food and lifestyle choices.

Healthy birth comes from a healthy life, as well as good care practices. Please eat well - many fresh veggies, some fresh meat and/or wise vegetarian proteins, whole boiled or soaked grains (and not much bread), seaweeds, omega oils and salt-to-taste each day. Drink more than 8 glasses of water, including pregnancy tea and other non-carbonated, non-caffienated drinks. Watch the milk, too much isn't as good as using a mix of calcium sources. Boil the bones for minerals and gelatin for your soup broth. Don't avoid all fat, just eat smart fats, like sardines, soaked almonds, avocados and a little butter. Eat very little sugar or sweetened foods.  Don't smoke or do drugs before or during pregnancy; you, or your man, either. Take Vitamin D every day, unless you live in the semitropics or tropics and get sun on skin for an hour a day (which may have its own issues). Breathe deep. Laugh. Laughter is food for the soul. These things really do matter. We can't go back in time, so eat well today. Pick the healthier choice.