When to Start OFP?

Start here. 

The first thing to do - any time -  in pregnancy is bring your body into balance. It's not hard. Here are 6 things you can do everyday - today!

Ask your doctor or midwife if there is any medical reason not to do any of these exercises before you begin.

This is what you can do now, before pregnancy, at the end of the first trimester, during second trimester and perhaps more intensely in third trimester:

1. Sit symmetrical, sit up on the front of your sitz bones. Use good maternal positioning and Rest Smart

2. Move symmetrical. Don't twist to view a computer, or do your work. Are you holding your toddler on one hip? Trade sides.

3. Walk briskly, swinging from your thighs.

4. One Forward-leaning Inversion every day -  this one
    (Avoid during heartburn or high blood pressure.)

5. Pelvis-balancing exercises - ask a physical therapist, prenatal yoga teacher, or provider.

6. Good nutrition, and I mean, really good! Drink plenty of fresh, clean water and eat nutritious foods. Take a prenatal vitamin. Have the required amount of Vitamin D, E, C, and minerals such as Selenium, Magnesium, Calcium and Iodine. Fatty acids and Omega oils help, too, by helping your hormones.


First things first! Read The 3 Principles .

Do the Daily Do's.

And then, do the Weekly Do's.