Can I have an easier labor this time?

Pregnant again after having had a long and/or difficult labor? Whether that challenge was clearly due to your first baby's position or you suspect it might have been, this page and this whole web site is for you.

Here is a list of activities for women who have had difficult births before: cesareans, long labors, posterior or asynclitic babies.  Women who have pelvic pain (in joints or in the lower back) or discomfort from the baby's movements are also candidates for this "second list." If you've had a breech baby before, these are good daily and weekly activities to promote a head down, anterior baby. 

Before you expect a problem, read What To Do Now In Pregnancy and The Three Principles. Usually a woman's second labor goes so well. Many times women feel so empowered that I share the mother's joyful surprise and exclaim with her, "Second babies are worth it!"

Yet, careful preparation for subsequent births can be what brings about that empowered feeling.

Look under the Start menu link and hover over In Pregnancy, click, and then hold your cursor over the Daily or Weekly Activities. How often? I'll leave that to you (though, I think the titles may give you a clue).

Spend a portion of each day doing 4-5 activities to increase body balance and flexibilty.

  • Rebozo sifting to relax the broad ligament
  • Standing (Sacral) Release to release the sacrum and help your pelvis become more mobile
  • Forward-leaning Inversion to balance your uterine ligaments and adjust your own pelvis with many repetitions of this type of maternal inversion

  • Psoas Release, also, walk briskly letting your legs swing forward from your thighs in a good flowing gait to help your psoas get happy
  • Pelvic-balancing yoga for pregnant women with "hip-openers," bridge pose, triangle pose of happiness, and more...*
  • Symphysis self adjustment*
  • Side-lying (pelvic floor) Release
  • When baby is active, then do 40 pelvic tilts on hands and knees, especially immediately following a Forward-leaning Inversion
  • Crawl around on all-fours for 5 or more minutes a few times a week, picking up toys, washing your floor.*

 *Not all of these activities are on this website yet. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

If you've done the usual Spinning Babies exercises for two weeks and your baby is still breech, transverse, or posterior, seek professional body work help. See a body worker who can help bring you into balance. But continue to do these balancing exercises, too.