Hosting Spinning Babies Workshops

Gail shows Rest Smart principles  Spinning Babies© and other workshops are filling for 2015. If you contacted me in the past about a 2015 workshop, please do as we planned and email in Oct. 2014. At this time, I am not able to schedule new workshops. Please email in March 2015 when I will be able to look over new invitations.  When you email again, please let me know your city and venue and a rough idea of the size of your doula group there. You'll want 28-30 registrations to cover venue, refreshments, flights, ground transportation and speaker's fee.

 I can say yes to only a few requests. Here is what you would want to know if you were to host a Workshop.

"Could you tell more about the process of bringing you to my area?" 
  • How long is your workshop? Spinning Babies is 7 hrs. other range 3-6 hours.
  • Will you have CEU's available?  .7 ACNM CEUs, which covers 7 contact hours for some doula groups.
  • How much does it cost normally? Email Gail @ Spinningbabies. com
  • What do we need to supply for you? Explained below.
  • Will you be bringing your workbook for purchase or does it come with the course? No, Spinning Babies does not include the workbook. It can be bought for $14.95 for 1-5 or at 40% off for 6 or more. When Gail flies in she will have a limited number of book. Some classes will receive handouts are sent through email as an electronic version.
  • What is the smallest number you will do a class for at one time? If you pay a speakers fee, there is no minimum.
  • What is the largest number who can attend the class at one time? 30-35 depending on the room.
  • What size room do you need? Very large, open, carpeted with AV. See more below.
  • Do I need to fill anything out? I'll send an info sheet and a contract to sponsors.
  • Does taking your class mean that I will be certified? No. A Certification of Attendance is given (or sent later).

What are the Spinning Babies Workshops?

  • Spinning Babies: Labor Progress through Fetal Positioning ( .7 ACNM CEUs)
  • Belly Mapping, Empowering a Mother to Identify Fetal Positioning (1 ½ hours)
  • Resolving Shoulder Dystocia(3 or 5 hrs, Midwives/Apprentices, Physicians, L & D nurses only)
  • Breech Update (morning open to all, afternoon continues for providers only, 6 ACNM CEUs).
Often, Sponsors set up multiple workshops in their area. Workshops can be hosted by the one or multiple hosts.

Thank you for helping to bring Spinning Babies Workshops to your area. 

"Very good workshop.. My mind is pretty much blown. I really want my co-workers to attend this workshop." - A. Young, former L and D nurse, California



The Workshop details

Gail requests an hour to set up before each workshop with your help. Seating is in a semi-circle. We need room for practice all around the room!


8:30 start: Spinning Babies Workshop 8:30-5 pm with a 90-min. lunch break from 12-1:30.

9 am start: Spinning Babies Workshop 9-5:30 pm with a 90-min. lunch break from 1-2:15.

Adjustments in the schedule are made for Hospital sponsorship for L and D staff.

24 participants minimum (only if you hostess, sponsors can have fewer) and 30 maximum.

Common effects of posterior position on pregnancy and labor are a sense of pain, sometimes a delay in getting into labor,  length of labor, and higher cesarean rates.  A new view of Fetal Positioning includes the 3 Principles of Balance, Gravity and Movement; levels of the pelvis, and working with the soft tissues for labor progress. Practice activities for pregnancy comfort, spontaneous birth as nature intended, and cesarean avoidance with labor progress.

Sponsors and hostesses find a pregnant volunteer who fits the criteria to show the class pregnancy techniques. A pregnant registrant in her 3rd month is ideal, but a sponsor or her colleague's client may comin in for the last 2 hours of the morning session.



Resolving Shoulder Dystocia (3 hours, 3 MEAC CEUs) lecture, video clips, and practice with a doll and manikin, or doll and pelvic box unless traveling by air. From Gaskin to FlipFLOP, McRoberts and PAC Pull, find how to pick the right technique for each type of shoulder dystocia. Dress comfortably because we practice on the floor. Sorry, no doulas or parents at RSD.


Breech Basics Signs of a safe breech vs. signs of dystocia, when is it too late for transport, upright breech benefits, resolving breech shoulder dystocia and head entrapment. Does “hands-off-the-breech” really mean us? When presented as a full day class, the morning may combine with the public breech class. The afternoon for providers includes practice (low tech!) and in depth discussion of complications.


An evening workshop may follow a Spinning Babies Workshop at 6:30 pm.

RSD AND Breech Basics can be booked for the following day (not previous) and in the same location of the Spinning Babies Workshop. Hosting can be by the same or another sponsor. BEST option? Spinning Babies first, and RSD and Breech on the next day!

What you learn at Spinning Babies helps you understand Shoulder Dystocia better, what you learn at RSD helps you understand how to free the breech shoulder dystocia. One workshop builds on the next.




 Belly Mapping (1 ½ -2 ½ hours) includes Belly Painting and community building. How to Belly Map for parents and providers. This is a fun session for all!


Please contact Gail with any questions or suggestions for making your workshop experience fun, useful and bonding for your group or program.


Gail Tully, CPM

10545 Humboldt Ave So

Bloomington, MN 55431-3118

612-817-3144 c

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Both emails go to the same inbox.



Contact hours provided.

See current details at


Cost to bring the Workshop(s)

There are two ways to have a workshop; as a sponsor or as a hostess.

Each type will book the room, communicate frequently through email with Gail and her own community to fill the class and answer participants’ questions, set up refreshments, seating, and help with AV equipment and easel/whiteboard.


Pre-registration with you as the Sponsor – Option A

You or your group sponsorship includes your logo on Spinning Babies Website event page. The sponsor sets the registration fee. Sponsor has the right to offer scholarships. The sponsor keeps any profit over Gail’s fees, or pays the difference if their expenses are matched.

The sponsor is responsible to pay the honoraria for Gail’s workshops, airfare, and provide ground transportation to workshop(s) from the airport and lodging. Sponsor arranges and pays one night hotel stay for each workshop; or arranges a private room in a non-smoking home very near the workshop. If Gail gives two workshops in one day, for instance, Spinning Babies until 5 pm, with Resolving Shoulder Dystocia in the evening from 6:30- 9:30 pm, then two nights of accomodations are necessary.

Payment is made the day of the workshop by check, cash or PayPal.


 Honoraria(Speaker’s fee) paid by the sponsor who takes registrations. Email Gail for particulars.

  • One day of presentation(s): fee plus one night at a hotel.
  • Day and Evening--  RSD or Breech Update is offered that evening (same or separate sponsor) and in the same location: fee plus 2 nights hotel room. 
  • Two-day (2 full days, can be same workshop twice or 3 different workshops in the same room), the fee plus 2 nights of accommodations (hotel or home).
  • Two days in two different locations? Fee is for one day workshop for each day. 

       A pre or Post-Spinning Babies Belly Mapping for the public (parents and others) can be added for a small fee per each participating pregnant woman/couple/care provider. Book is included in the fee (US only).

The hotel room must be in the same hotel as the workshop when held in a hotel, or nearby if not. Nonsmoking, please. An iron will be needed if you don’t want to see me in wrinkles.


Pre-registration with Gail, with you as the Hostess – Option B

When Gail handles registrations, the hostess doesn’t pay an honorarium, but still fulfills the hosting duties such as arranging ground transportation, lodging and refreshments. Gail pays up to a set amount, so check with her before purchasing.  If the class isn’t 2/3 full within 3-4 weeks prior Gail will cancel and refund the participants. Minimum pre-registration is 16-24, maximum class size varies, plan for 30.

A hostess receives 2 seats and has no financial responsibilities.


Size of Workshop

Plan a workshop with 26-30 registrants. More people need more room! The room must be large enough to accommodate a semi-circle (3-4 rows are ok) and 3-4 massage tables plus my props table. We’ll need space to try out the movements on the floor near the seating, not a separate room. Semi-circle seating is very important for Gail’s teaching style. We may have 2-3 massage tables as well, with room to walk around them easily. See room map. Look for a room that easily seats 50-70 for our 30.

If Gail is giving a lecture without hands-on practice time other seating arrangements will be fine.  A lecture can have as many people as comfortably cared for.


Audio-Visual Needs

For all workshops we need an easel and large pad of paper or white board and table. Except Belly Mapping, a large screen tv with computer plug in, DVD player, or a projector that can be hooked-up to my old MacBook Pro laptop.


Before Booking a Location

Please let me know about the location before booking it. I’ll want to know that the room is large, clean, carpeted, private and we have good AV. A waiting room of a birth center would have to be big enough & private… photos appreciated!

Things to consider about location to make your workshop a success:

Is the location in or near a favorite hospital or a regular doula or midwife meeting place? (Consider a conference room if it is large, private, carpeted, clean, centrally located, and free. Are doulas and midwives meeting there already?)

Is the actual site easy to access with off-street/free parking?

Can the hostess and Gail arrive at 7 am to set up, or the night before?

Set up and clean up: Gail needs 1 hr with help before class /1 hr after class in the room. ( ~7 am to 5:30 pm.)


Gail’s Travel and Accommodations

Gail will book and pay for travel when she is able to choose workshop times that match her travel pattern. Her talk must be in or near the same city as the airport or Interstate; exceptions might be made when travel and hotel are paid by the sponsor. If the sponsor brings Gail to her city, she'll pay airfare. Its affordable if she books a two day event.


Responsibilities of Workshop Organizer(s), hostess or sponsors

The organizer of the workshop takes care of the following:

      Finding and securing a site with space for hands-on, and on-the-floor practice

      Arranging for rental and/or set-up of audio-visual equipment, as needed.

            Send Gail the signed and dated contract (Sponsors)

            Send Gail the completed contact and location information form

Finding a volunteer pregnant woman (described on Task Timeline)

Acquiring 2-4 massage tables (Sp B & Belly Mapping classes only)

Setting out refreshments (coffee, teas, water, fruit, nuts, pretzels, eggs…)

      Sending an email w/ cost, location, contact info; Ask Gail for a flyer if you like.

Emailing that flyer out to individuals and groups via email on a schedule

      Sponsors who handle registration of participants will send Gail a class list!

Email out the confirmation letter that you get from Gail

And Gail’s electronic pdf. of the handouts to all registrants before class.

If you want printed handouts use Gail’s pdf to make one-sided, quality copies.

      Applying for additional CEUs (continuing education Units) if desired.

      Delegates two people (she can be one of them) to help sign-in participants

Help with the selling of Gail’s materials at the workshop before and after class

      Finding and securing accommodations for Gail during her stay (see below)

      And anything else that will ensure that the workshop will run smoothly.

Read the Spinning Babies Task Timeline.


Responsibilities of Gail:

      A written and signed Memorandum of Agreement to sponsors (not hostesses) confirming the details of the “Responsibilities of Workshop Organizer(s)”

and of Gail as the presenter, sent once the date is confirmed

      An agenda for the workshop, sent in advance of the workshop

      Materials related to Gail’s presentation necessary for additional continuing education credit applications when requested, sent in advance of the workshop

      Sending the flyer via email for email distribution and printing for you to post

      Guidelines prepared by Gail to help you with planning budgets and timetables

      An itinerary of Gail’s travel arrangements.

      Send a pdf. of workshop handouts to sponsor; or, if hosted, the participants.

Gail is available, if desired, for interviews with local media. Workshops may be audio recorded. Photos are allowed. Videotaping is not allowed.


What to do next if you would like to sponsor a workshop

Please send Gail an email with all your contact information: Put your city name in the subject line, like this:

Minneapolis Spinning Babies. In the email include your full name and title, address and zip of all sponsor/hostess(e/s) and

 sponsoring organization(s), the desired date(s) and workshop title(s). Later, send the name and address of venue, including

zip code and room number, and if applicable, the registration link/process.

Timeline for having a Spinning Babies Workshop


Here are the tasks for a successful Spinning Babies in your area.

___Begin publicity 4-6 months ahead, 2-4 mo.s is enough time for large cities.

___To assess interest, email your community. A potential host should hear 20 verbal confirmations for 

Spinning Babies, 10 for RSD before booking––

___Agree on a date with Gail. Check local birth/parenting events to avoid conflicts.

___Send Gail the contact and location form for immediate publicity needs.

___Get a flyer from Gail and post copies at venue, etc.  Send flyer pdf to email lists.

___Make a facebook event, and/or other social networks.

___Chat up the workshop on email list serves, forums, facebook, and twitter, now! = and again at

2 months, 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days and 1 day out.

___Personally invite doulas, midwives, CEs, yoga teachers, nurses, bodyworkers,

        area doula trainers, and maternity centers.

___Email the flyer to these and others emailing you/your org. about any birth topics.

___Keep Gail updated on how registrations are coming in.

___Help people register when they can’t or don’t want to register online.

___Email, or see if Gail emailed, participants the confirmation letter listing what they should bring.

Gail will bring several Rebozos for use in class (not for sale, unfortunately).

___Get 2-4 massage tables. 1-2 participants may have a massage table or two.

___Invite a pregnant woman in her 38-42nd week who would like to participate in 

       Belly Mapping and pregnancy activities from 10:15 to noon.

___Double check on the site arrangements within the month of the workshop!

___Ask for the handouts in pdf. form (Acrobat) from Gail and print 2-3 more than

the number of registrants you have 2-3 days before the workshop.

___Day of workshop. Meet Gail at the location at 7 am. You’ll set up signs, tables,

chairs, sign in sheet, refreshments. Gail will set up her props; both on AV, easel.

___Greet participants and help with sign in, name tags. Take payments, as needed.

___Help after the session with book sales, clean up and collecting evaluations.



Location details.

___Easy driving access to a major city and safe, off-street parking!

___Seating in a semi-circle facing a large, carpeted, open area. See photos.

___A table/pen at the entrance to sign in, fill out a name tag, get handouts. 

___A table for Gail to set out and organize her many visual aids. 

___A table to display and sell books. 

___A TV/DVD player and monitor and/or Projector and white wall or screen.

Check with AV person to see that our cables match!

___Easel for a giant paper pad (vital).  Gail usually brings the pad of paper.

___A table for your coffee (mornings), tea, and water and simple refreshments.