Begin your learning adventure through Spinning Babies Understanding Childbirth Education eClass.

This quality childbirth education program is similar to ones that are available at a local hospital or an independent educator. In fact, the quality of this professionally made class is excellent.  Take a look at the sample chapter to see the way the material is presented.  I think you’ll be pleased. I was! 

You receive all this:

  • 24-hour access, 90 days
  • Professionally made videos
  • Bright, to-the-point slideshows
  • Downloadable pdf's with illustrations and more info
  • Gail Tully's Spinning Babies Parent Handout eBook! Not available unless you take her class.
  • Links to other great resources
  • Welcome email arrives within 48 hours-or email me right away!
  • This is not Daily Essentials exercise video
  • This is not Spinning Babies Parent Class (which would make a good follow up after this)

It's yours to discover for 3 luxurious months. 

Take a peek at the sample chapter and see the quality before you order.

InJoy eClass Preview: Understanding Birth

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Need more questions answered? Included are two ways to contact "The Spinning Babies Lady:"

  • A special email invitation for limited email contact if your question isn't covered in the eClass or at the Spinning Babies Website
  • A special phone consultation offer with a special low price only for eClass registrants


Through webpages, video, slideshows, pdf's and links to off-site internet resources, you will receive a comprehensive birth preparation sure to please.

The first part (the tab “eClass”) is more about childbirth in general than Spinning Babies. You get a foundation of Spinning Babies advice that makes understanding Spinning Babies much easier for you.  Gail's personal commentary on the main material is found in the “Service & Info” tab. It's almost like having a conversation with Gail as she shares what she thinks about your class material!


Order now and make use of the nutritional advice and maternal positioning tips! It is a great price for a great class - one that you can work on any time you have a few minutes. You can't get more convenient!


You will be pleased with the overall, excellent flow of material in this class. It is so easy to navigate! Take a month to explore and return to study the details that catch your interest. Gather your family around your computer and watch the videos and take the little tests together.


Links to areas you need more information in the Spinning Babies Website will make it easier to go back and forth between the eClass and the site.

This is a fantastic resource and yours to explore for three months.



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There's a Pregnancy Tea recipe waiting for you! Get your cup ready and pour on the eClass!



Spinning Babies Parent Class 

Childbirth Preparation

Soon pregnant parents around the world can take a Spinning Babies class from their own monitor! Join six couples and find out how Spinning Babies might enhance your labor and birth.

Real consultations with two couples right at our class location, one with a breech baby (head up) and one with a baby in a transverse lie (lying sideways).


A companion to Daily Essentials (below), Spinning Babies Parent Class goes beyond the basics. Simple props show complex concepts. Little-known anatomy is linked fetal positioning.

The Creation of the Spinning Babies Childbirth Preparation Class, due Dec 2013

The section on labor discusses two labor patterns- the one "promised" in other books and the unexpected labor pattern associated with the posterior labor.

Learn techniques to help baby through the pelvis.

Empowering birth with practical know-how.

Filmed in Minneapolis at Everday-Miracles Pregnancy Center.  This video is all Spinning Babies.




Purchase this co-venture video experience with Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga! 

Spinning Babies; Daily Essentials Video

Sarah Longacre and Gail Tully present a Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga collaboration in a three video series for pregnant women preparing for easier childbirth through body balancing, maternal positioning and yoga.Together Sarah Longacre, international prenatal yoga instructor and birth doula, and Gail Tully, yours truly, created a unique instructional video for flexibility and comfort in pregnancy and to support better fetal positioning in time for birth.

Here are daily activities for stretching and balancing a pregnant body. Start early in pregnancy to prepare to make the most space for baby's best birth position and the most ease for mother's opening during the birth process.

We begin the program for women of average flexibility (or just plain stiff to start with) and beginner tips.  But soon, you'll be ready to move freely! That's when Sarah brings the stretches all together into her easy to follow, playful, sensual, and flowing "Blooma Style" daily routine.

Sarah's "dance of opening," moves joints and ligaments to come alive under the delightful melody and percussions of Carin Vagle. This isn't about core strength; its about freedom of movement and creating space in the body.

Sarah plays along with Gail's little game of "Flashlight" to show pregnant women how to evaluate their own posture and positions. Smart Maternal Positioning helps baby snuggle their backs into the front of the womb for Optimal Fetal Positioning. 


Daily Essentials includes tips for using Maternal Positioning around the house. Actual scenes in the bedroom, living room and even the bathroom. Practical instruction like no other video. You will be sleeping more comfortably immediately when using these tips. Within a week or two many pregnancy discomforts of the pelvis and lower back may be reduced when all these nurturing techniques are integrated into your daily lifestyle.

Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga-- a natural collaborative!




Blooma Yoga Prenatal Yoga for AM and PM

Warm up in the morning and cool down in the evening in two 30-minute sequences. Sarah Longacre shares her own blossoming pregnancy to the exquisite music of Carin Vagle.  Sarah's affirmations will carry you through labor with emotional strength and encouragement. Bring your hormones into harmony with the day. Cool down at night with a sleep enhancing stretch before bed. This video is all Blooma! Blooma's AM/PM Yoga


All three videos are professionally produced by Melissa Koch of Grey Duck Productions, with stills by Tanya Villano Photography, each of these three videos are dynamic on their own. Together they will enhance your pregnancy and labor experience with fun and empowerment in the most practical manner. Feel hope for your birth abilities, this is support for your journey. Gain the confidence and flexibility to fully bloom. I believe these videos carry the potential to bring your best birth dreams into the gentle reality.  

Compassionately priced. Estimated Due Date for Spinning Babies Parent Class, November, 2014.