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Cleveland May 1 or 2! Amsterdam June 6 or 7, and England, June 9, 11 or 12




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Childbirth Education for Pregnant Parents

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All Workshops are 8:30-5 unless stated otherwise.

Pictures from the Richmond, VA workshop by Patience Salgado aka KindnessGirl.com 


Rachel Sieman, CNM: "One of the best workshops I've ever attended! I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance!" 

Gail laughing it up with Leslie Lytle and Claudia Booker in Richmond, VA

    Read class participant Maureen Whitman's glowing description of a Spinning Babies Workshop on her blog.







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Apr 23-27

Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey Hotel, 
4650 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111

Hotel Phone: +1-717-564-5511

Hotel Fax: +1-717-564-6173 

Midwifery Today Conference Including pre and post conference Spinning Babies workshop


CEUs at the conference, plus .7 ACNM with Gail's pre or post conference Spinning Babies

Varies with days taken





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7 contact hours for Spinning Babies





June 6 Amsterdam, NL Spinning Babies 7-hour Workshop

Jennifer Walker and Dana Lindzon

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To REGISTER: Send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to receive a registration form. Registration is only CONFIRMED via registration form & payment.


June 7

Amsterdam, Holland

Spinning Babies 7-hour workshop

Jennifer Walker and Dana Lindzon


To REGISTER: Send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to receive a registration form. Registration is only CONFIRMED via registration form & payment.


June 9

Liverpool, England


Spinning Babies 7- hour Workshop

Selina Wallis





June 11/12

England!  Anticipating - Save the dates!-  more here soon.







May 1


May 2

Neighborhood Family Practice – Community Room


3569 Ridge Road, Cleveland, OH 44102
(corner of Ridge and Denison, next to Dave’s Mercado)216-281-0872


Spinning Babies

and on Friday night,

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia

 Local Hostess  Kate Lawrence 

(440) 476-3288

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

.7 ACNM CEUs for Spinning Babies and 


Early Bird $145 until April 21

Thursday, May 1st registration is ideally for doulas and non-baby catchers. All birth keepers can come if this is the day that works best. The course is the same.


Friday Spinning Babies is ideal for baby catcher's who want to stay the evening

Eventbrite - Resolving Shoulder Dystocia in Cleveland

May 26-30




England, north of London in

Bury St. Edmonds (town name, not a directive!)


Midwifery Today Conference Sessions



Gail will present Spinning Babies all day Monday, May 26th. Many other wonderful teachers will present that day and through the week!


Get a lot of CEUs by attending the full conference!










ACNM has granted .7 ACNM CEUs which can be used by CPMs and most doulas.





Kansas City,


DONA ICEA Preconference


4 hours

4 contact hours, but more if you other speakers attend conference sessions.




A co-venture video experience with Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga! Coming Soon!

Spinning Babies; Daily Essentials Video.

Sarah Longacre and Gail Tully present a Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga collaboration in a three video series for pregnant women preparing for easier childbirth through body balancing, maternal positioning and yoga.Together Sarah Longacre, international prenatal yoga instructor and birth doula, and Gail Tully, yours truly, created a unique instructional video for flexibility and comfort in pregnancy and to support better fetal positioning in time for birth.

Here are daily activities for stretching and balancing a pregnant body. Start early in pregnancy to prepare to make the most space for baby's best birth position and the most ease for mother's opening during the birth process.

We begin the program for women of average flexibility (or just plain stiff to start with) and beginner tips.  But soon, you'll be ready to move freely! That's when Sarah brings the stretches all together into her easy to follow, playful, sensual, and flowing "Blooma Style" daily routine.

Sarah's "dance of opening," moves joints and ligaments to come alive under the delightful melody and percussions of Carin Vagle. This isn't about core strength; its about freedom of movement and creating space in the body.

Sarah plays along with Gail's little game of "Flashlight" to show pregnant women how to evaluate their own posture and positions. Smart Maternal Positioning helps baby snuggle their backs into the front of the womb for Optimal Fetal Positioning. 


Daily Essentials includes tips for using Maternal Positioning around the house. Actual scenes in the bedroom, living room -and even the bathroom- gives practical instruction like no other video. You will be sleeping more comfortably immediately when using these tips. Within a week or two many pregnancy discomforts of the pelvis and lower back may be reduced when all these nurturing techniques are integrated into your daily lifestyle. Spinning Babies and Blooma Yoga-- a natural collaborative!


Spinning Babies Childbirth Preparation Class.

Soon pregnant parents around the world can take a Spinning Babies class from their own monitor! Join six couples as they learn the reason why Spinning Babies works and how it can enhance your labor and birth.

See techniques to do daily or weekly. Actual, real consultations with two couples right at our class location, one with a breech baby (head up) and one with a baby in a transverse lie (lying sideways).

Couples do the techniques together and show you how to do these at home.

Used alone or with the Daily Essentials, Spinning Babies Childbirth Preparation Class goes beyond the basics. Simple props show complex concepts sweetly. Little-known anatomy is linked to childbirth and the role of fetal positioning.

The Creation of the Spinning Babies Childbirth Preparation Class, due Dec 2013

The section on labor discusses two labor patterns- the one "promised" in other books and the unexpected one associated with the posterior labor. Learn the common causes of long labor and techniques to help baby through the pelvis.

Be empowered; be prepared. After using this video throughout your pregnancy, while we can't promise, of course, you may not need the tips for labor progress. You can use that knowledge to help your neighbor.  This video is all Spinning Babies.




Blooma Yoga Prenatal Yoga for AM and PM.

Warm up in the morning and cool down in the evening in two 30-minute sequences. Sarah Longacre shares her own blossoming pregnancy, Blooma style, to the exquisite music of Carin Vagle.  Sarah's affirmations will carry you through labor with emotional strength and encouragement. Bring your hormones into harmony with the day. Begin your day with serious play. Cool down at night with a sleep enhancing stretch before bed. This video is all Blooma!

Sarah's video is ready for you now! Get Blooma's AM/PM Yoga  here


All three videos are professionally produced by Melissa Koch of Grey Duck Productions, with stills by Tanya Villano Photography, each of these three videos are dynamic on their own. Together they will enhance your pregnancy and labor experience with fun and empowerment in the most practical manner. Feel hope for your birth abilities, this is support for your journey. Gain the confidence and flexibility to fully bloom. I believe these videos carry the potential to bring your best birth dreams into the gentle reality.  

Compassionately priced. Estimated Due Date for Daily Essentials April 2014; for Spinning Babies Parent Class, Fall 2014.