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Questions about the Spinning Babies or other workshop? A Spinning Babies Workshop has many visual aids to explain step-by-step the way babies and pelvises interact!

Gail Tully, The Spinning Babies Lady, describes her workshops and answers questions about certificates, refunds, CEUs, babies attending, and why there are no discounts. 

  • Spinning Babies
  • Belly Mapping
  • Resolving Shoulder Dystocia
  • Breech Basics

"All these years it has been like a puzzle for me. Like I sort of understood everything, but it was not clear to me in many ways. Well, I finally had that ahha moment, after your class, going home and reading everything over... It was like I had put on glasses that I didn't ever know I needed."  - Doula Christina Carino-Forrest, New York City


Common questions about Gail Tully's Classes and Workshops


Q: How do I get a workshop in my area?   A: Please read my page on sponsoring a workshop.

Q: Where is the next Spinning Babies Workhop?   A: Please look at my events calendar

Q: What does the workshop cost?   A: Prices vary with location, venue, and sponsoring agency. Please look at the events calendar and/or the registration link for the cost.

Q: Will you come speak at our conference?  A: Each year I speak at Midwifery Today. In addition, I choose 1-2 national birth related conferences a year. Regional and state conferences can use the same class topics, costs, and other guidelines for Spinning Babies Workshop sponsors. It is cost effective to arrange the state or regional conference around my full day workshop.

Q: How can I get a student discount, disparity provider, sliding fee, or work exchange option?

A: A hostess or sponsor booking the workshop is covering the tasks for the workshop in exchange for admission. She is working consistently from booking through set up and clean up to make this workshop happen. Book as a hostess or be a sponsor (or invited by a sponsor) to participate in a work exchange arrangement.

I have chosen to make everyone's registration less rather than making a sliding fee scale, offering a student discount or making arrangements with participants who are not in the sponsor or hostess group.

I've kept the cost of the workshop low on purpose.

This personal and business boundary allows me to continue to meet the considerable expenses to bring this message. There is a generous cancelation policy to allow you to rest assured that if you need to cancel for a birth you get a full refund if you follow the steps given for how to receive a refund (below).

Q: Is there a discount for attending the second time, third or forth time?  A: See the same reasons I listed above.

Q: Are there CEUs-- Continuing Education Units or contact hours?  A:  Yes, see either my page on sponsoring a workshop or my events calendar.

Those of you yet to certify as a midwife or doula can use the certification of attendance as proof of education. Add a line to your curriculum Vitae (CV).

Q: I received electronic handouts in my email. Will there be printed handouts for me to pick up at the workshop? A: No, if you received electronic handouts in the email, the workshop sponsor will NOT also provide printed handouts. Please print a set of handouts to bring with you. 

Q: Is there certification involved?    A: You will get a certification of attendance. You will not be a certified Spinning Babies presenter or certified "Baby Spinner."  That level of knowledge is much too involved to learn in one workshop, even by repeating it. Your certification of attendance is proof of the contact hours for the workshop.

Q: Is the workshop the same as the website?    A: No. But you will recognize the terms and techniques.

Q: May I bring my baby/child?    A: Babies under 5 months are fine to attend. 


Q: Is there a refund if I have to cancel? A: (below)

Canceling a workshop when you are at a birth

There are three options for canceling and each has a different thing for you if you choose that option.
However, sponsors may have variations on these conditions. Check with the sponsor when the calendar listing on Spinning Babies Website says "Sponsored by."
Use the following policies when the workshop listing says, "Hosted by".
1.  Know ahead? Give your registration to a friend or colleague and EMAIL GAIL immediately. Your colleague pay you for the ticket. Be sure to tell me who will be attending for your spot. You will not get a refund from me in this case.
2. At a birth? Email or contact Eventbrite or the sponsor before 7:30am on the day of the workshop to qualify for a refund (please don't call after 10 pm or before 6 am.
If registrations are through Eventbrite on Gail's Spinning Babies Website, you simply email Gail through the Eventbrite page and give the name, address, phone and email of your replacement and Gail will make the change for you. Don't delay.


When you register with Eventbrite and then ask to cancel, it takes 5 working days after Gail clicks the refund button before you will see the refund in your account.
3. Come to another location on another day if there are two workshops back to back in the same city or near enough to suit you. Email to ask before showing up (be mindful that other locations may already be full). This exchanges the workshops and no money is owed or refunded, its equal.
4. If you are at a birth on the day of the workshop, you can get a full refund, but you must contact us somehow, text, or phone that morning so we can let someone on from the waiting list.
5. No show, no message, no refund.
You must contact me by phone or email by the day of the workshop for a refund, otherwise you forfeit your registration fee. Call the hostess so someone who is hoping to get in can fill your spot. Please! Don't ask me for a refund days later!
At a birth? Cancel by 7:30 am of the day of the workshop and get a full refund.


Descriptions of Gail Tully's Workshops


Spinning Babies Workshop

  • Optimal Foetal Positioning (OFP) -how fetal position effects labor.
  • Compare OA & OP labors to signs of "Baby really won't fit"
  • Spinning Babies for the doula scope of practiceGail Tully and Julie in Atlanta for the Spinning Babies Workshop
  • Spinning Babies techniques
  • When interventions are necessary
  • Useful electronic handouts (print and bring your handouts)
  • .7 ACNM CEUs, 7-hours
  • Workshop hours: 8:30-5:00 pm unless noted otherwise
Spinning Babies
goes Beyond Optimal Fetal Positioning with the 3 Principles of Balance, Gravity and Movement. We look at the effects of posterior position on pregnancy and labor, and practice activities for pregnancy comfort, optimal fetal positioning, cesarean avoidance and labor progress. A new view at easing birth. 

The morning explores possible causes of fetal malpositioning, what to do in pregnancy to over come such causes. We often have a pregnant model to help us see the techniques in action. 

The afternoon explores effects on labor and involves analyzing labor patterns and practicing several techniques for such patterns.

Pictures above, Dr. B's office by Atlanta's IntheMoment; Julie by Teresa Howard, Atlanta, GA; Claudia and Muneera by www.patiencesalgado.com birth and soul photography in Richmond, VA

"TAKE THIS CLASS. I took it when Gail came to Houston and it was so informative. I used the pelvic floor release [ aka, sidelying release with] a client last week. Long story short, after 16-hrs of hard labor and stuck at 1.5cm, -1, 90%, I did the pelvic floor release that Gail taught us and TWO HOURS later she was 9 cm, 2, 100%!! I was shocked!!! Even if you don't take Gail's class, read every page of her website. This stuff is the real deal." - Jessica Gonzales, Doula.   That was in 2011 and Jessica came back for a second go in 2012!



Belly Mapping, Empowering a Mother to Identify Fetal Positioning (1 ½ hours) Belly Mapping (1 ½ -2 ½ hours) includes Belly Painting and community building. How to Belly Map for parents and providers. This is a fun session for all! 

Breech Basics (3 hour session for baby catchers) Breech Basics  has a small amount of hands-on practice and a large amount of how to unlock stuck arms or entrapped head of the breechling. Through slides and video explore upright breech birth, and parent and provider interviews. An uplifting and powerful message on the upcoming revolution in breech birthing. 




Belly  Mapping




Belly Mapping An evening Belly Mapping and Painting presentation for parents. This fun and photogenic evening delights pregnant parents and gives them a unique tool for prenatal bonding and proactive childbirth preparation.

Same day Spinning Babies participants may stay to lead couples through the pregnancy Balancing activities learned that morning. Same Day Spinning Babies participants may attend Belly Mapping without cost.

Gail Tully, developed Spinning Babies and Belly Mapping to empower parents and professionals. The Spinning Babies workshop is for the provider. Belly Mapping is for the parents, but sometimes providers join in!


90-minutes. This is a 30-minute presentation for parents (and their doulas) on how to find their own fetal position with the 3-steps of Belly Mapping. One hour of painting, with tips on fetal positioning for the needs of those present.

Belly Mapping is a fun add-on to the Spinning Babies Workshop, 6:30-8:30 on the same evening. 

An introducation to Belly Mapping for parents to do it right there and at home, Q and A, palpation and personal attention with explanations are usual events. Possible chance for women to have their babies painted on their bellies as time allows (15 minutes per belly is typical). Belly Mapping is only offered in conjunction with other workshops when Gail is traveling, or can be found locally in Mpls/St. Paul at some of the Baby Fairs.

When the day time Spinning Babies participants stay to participate (without cost), these new "Baby Spinners," will be talking with parents about local resources, doula care, and practicing the "3 Sisters of Balance" while parents wait to be painted. Our new makes it a fun community event!

(An intro to Belly Mapping for providers is included in the Spinning Babies Workshop. Painting is not offered in the Spinning Babies Workshop.)  


Check out the Belly Mapping Workbook.

 Picture to the left by www.patiencesalgado.com
birth and soul photography in Richmond, VA
Pictures to the right, Lindsey Morrow This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tallahassee, FL

Belly Painting


Belly painting isn't officially part of Belly Mapping, but mothers are requesting that it be! 

Once a mother has finished Belly Mapping you can apply what you see on her Belly Map to paint the actual position of the baby on a pregnant woman's abdomen. Its a fun bonding experience for the mother - and the painter!




"On returning home from this study day on Friday night, my current client had e-mailed me to say her baby was breech. They had only just realized even though she was 38 weeks last Thursday. I sent her a link to Spinning Babies website and we talked on Sunday about the different exercises as she had been offered a ECV Monday afternoon and she wanted to make more room for the baby. I've just had an e-mail from her and when the scanned her before the ECV, the baby was HEAD DOWN!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! I'm SO pleased for her and really excited about putting what I learned Friday into practice already and getting results!!"  -BirthBliss Doula Services





Gail also offers Midwifery level workshops:

  • Resolving Shoulder Dystociaas a 3-hr, or 5-hour option.
  • Breech Basics, 3-hour, with hands-on practice in the afternoon.
  • Electronic handouts are common. If you receive them in your email, please print them for your use. If electronic handouts are provided, then printed ones will not be available to you at the workshop. This arrangement helps Gail keep the costs down and reduces travel stress. The handouts will be available to students online soon.

Either workshop may follow a Spinning Babies Workshop in a 3-hour evening session, 6:30-9:30 pm.

Or, if you want both, follow Spinning Babies with RSD and Breech Basics as a full second day for baby catchers (birth care providers).




Resolving Shoulder Dystocia

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia (3 hours, 3 MEAC CEUs) lecture, video clips, and practice with a doll and manikin or doll and pelvic box (when travel allows bringing a box or manikin). RSD is not for parents and doulas.

From Gaskin to FlipFLOP, McRoberts and PAC Pull, find how to pick the right technique for each type of shoulder dystocia. Dress comfortably because we practice on the floor. 

For providers. 5 places in the pelvis that shoulders get stuck and the techniques to free them. Remove the fear from Shoulder Dystocia with physiological solutions suited to the female upper body strength. Traditional and current methods of resolution include FlipFLOP and PAC Pull, McRoberts and Suprapubic. Reduce brachial plexus and other injuries. Learn how to get the posterior arm out without breaking bones. You will learn and you will succeed.

When Gail travels to offer a Spinning Babies Workshop, she likes to gather with the local midwives in the evening for this workshop.  Appropriate for out-of-hospital or in-hospital providers.  

  "Shoulder dystocia isn't so intimidating anymore!" says Salli G. midwife, and online RSD student



Breech Basics for Midwives

The basics of physiological breech birthing. Signs of a safe breech vs. signs of dystocia - an obstructed breech. When is it too late for transport? Upright breech benefits, resolving breech shoulder dystocia and head entrapment. Does “hands-off-the-breech” really mean us? Includes a little practice (low tech!) and in depth discussion of complications.  Gail has learned from many breech experts all over the world in classes in 3 continents. She has handled just about all of the emergencies she presents in her class. 3 hrs, ACNM has awarded .3 CEUs.


"... I was blessed to attend Gail’s “Spinning Babies” and “Shoulder Dystocia” workshops when she came to our hometown, Eugene, Oregon! We had the events at my friend Anita Rojas’ birth center with the lovely hospitality of Anita and the midwives there.

I learned so very much from Gail. She is a fountain of information which she presents well with models and videos to help us understand what we cannot see within a mother’s body. She spices her presentation with birth stories to illustrate the points. We learned how the baby makes her way down and out and how it involves the mom’s bones, muscles and ligaments. There are dystocias that can happen just from the round ligament! The mom’s body and this process are so amazing. God is brilliant!

Besides these marvelous events, Gail and I got to get Vietnamese food together. If you come to town that is where we will go to lunch! Gail and I talked about our calling, how we got into this amazing field and our journey while in it, along with our birth plans for the future. Much to my joy, these future plans involve us working together. We talked about our families and life, philosophies, ideas and ideals. You know how it is when two midwives get together? We could have talked until midnight! Come join us [at a Midwifery Today Conference] where we will have the chance to talk until midnight! — Jan Tritten"  Midwifery Today