Vaginal Breech Birth

Physiological breech birth in progress with Dad and Doula presentThere is a revolution coming to America in vaginal breech birth. American doctors and midwives had all but lost the skills to help a breech baby out and instead, developed a style that actually increased the risk of harm. The lack of skills, or dare I say, wrong skills, are spreading in other countries, too. Lately, international parent-to-parent and provider-to-provider sharing is also connecting midwives and doctors promoting physiological breech skills. Increasingly, parents are able to choose vaginal breech birth.

Vaginal Breech Birth Awareness

There are excellent sources of information on breech vaginal birth. There are unfortunate examples, too, like hands on, or training videos where improper understanding of the breech cardinal movements leave the video mismatched to reality (more on that later). As I learn I have chosen the bias of upright and hands-off due to wonderful stats which you hear at international breech conferences with upright breech birth care providers. Sadly, getting those stats published doesn't seem to fit with American goals in obstetrics. Here's where to go to find best practice information: 

Visit, the website of Betty-Anne Daviss and Ken Johnson of Ottawa for their up to date Breech information and published journal article. Dr. Fischbien has a short informative podcast on the status of vaginal breech birth that parents may find to be a useful overview. 

Read the AIMS website to read Mary Cronk's article on physiologic breech birth, Keep Your Hands Off the Breech, and MIDIRS for Jane Evans' two articles on breech cardinal movements and spontaneous maternal movement to birth the breech head in the 2012 February and March issues of Essentially MIDIRS. This is essential breech knowledge for all baby catchers.

A most excellent breech awareness site is by UK midwife Shawn Walker. 

Australian and New Zealand online breech info is emerging at

Australian breech baby catchers are listed at