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"...I have been using your Belly Mapping workbook at my prenatal workshops and have had good reports, including a successful vbac! I'm excited about ordering more workbooks in the near future for more workshops....

When I last corresponded with you I was expecting my 6th baby. That baby was born in January. He was persistently LOP in the last weeks.  I was diligent with OFP and spinning babies and wearing a belly band throughout the entire last trimester. I was so exhausted and discouraged but I persevered and it paid off! At around 38 weeks, we noticed he was ROA. I thought, ok, he's not LOA or LOT but I'll take it! The birth was truly amazing with only about 1 hr's worth of challenging contractions, including the actual birth! It made all the difference. My own experience also helped me understand how some of my clients have trouble pressing on with OFP and Spinning Babies techniques when they are exhausted and discouraged but I can now testify that it is worth it to keep at it!
One of the most amazing experiences was understanding and feeling from the outside and inside the baby's rotations as he began to move from ROA to OA and descend into the birth canal. Overall, just having a good understanding of baby's position as it related to my pelvis in pregnancy and birth was very empowering. It really allowed me to adapt my movements and lifestyle and approach to the birth process to facilitate an easier birth.
So, just wanted to check in and say THANK YOU again!

Blessings in your lifework! You are making a difference!" -Julie-Anne in Canada. Tell us Your story at Belly Mapping on Facebook !

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Gail Tully with BMW editor Angela Weichmann and son

Belly Mapping Workbook was professionally edited by Angela Weichmann.  Gail Tully was one of her midwives with Trillium Midwifery Care.  Gail felt the instant confirmation that Angela was the editor for Maternity House Publishing and had to bite her lip hard during their initial interview for midwifery care--That meeting was about Angela and her family - not about book writing!! Yet, right away, Angela also felt the spirit! Here, Gail enjoys how Angela re-tells the story of her son's birth at a postpartum visit.


Brisa Bolton-Steiner reminds her mom, doula and Childbirth Collective Board Member, Rebecca Bolton-Steiner, how the activities listed in The Belly Mapping Workbook helped prevent another labor with hip pain or a posterior presentation. They are both pretty happy about it!
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"...all my hard work paid off and Naomi is head down!!!!!  Your booklet helped, too.  Thanks!"
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