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Belly Painting at Baby Expo

Belly Mapping and painting fun at the Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo Pokies 2012

Our video montage was lovingly created by Brook Walsh

The Belly Mapping Workbook

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Belly Mapping article

fetal compass roseBelly Mapping teaches a pregnant woman to tell her baby's position for herself   - during the last month or two of pregnancy. Visit Belly Mapping on Facebook and tell us your experience with this activity!!

Too often, the posterior (sunny-side up) baby isn't identified until labor is troubled. Mothers ask, sometimes after a cesarean was done for a long, OP labor, “Why didn't anybody know? Can't the nurse or doctor tell when doing an exam?”  Trying to feel fetal head position with an internal exam is difficult.  Fortunately, other clues exist. Click here to go to the entire Baby Positions section for details on fetal positions.

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