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Everyone loves Belly Mapping, but remember it is for women in the third trimester! Earlier than that, it may be hard to figure out your baby's position. You can always give it a try and if its too confusing, try again when your baby is larger.

 Some people, birth junkies, we call them, will want to join the Spinning Babies Membership (coming soon). You can get all the basic information in the free section.  Parents don't need to go on to the membership level if they don't want to pay.  Doulas and aspiring midwives and student nurses will benefit greatly. So will most practicing midwives and physicians, as well!

If you want an organized, walk through the concepts of Belly Mapping, Spinning Babies or Resolving Shoulder Dystocia visit the Online Learning at Spinning Babies and Classes. Its your doorway into the registered portion.You can read about the classes there before paying anything first. (Classes are still in development.)