Which side should I sleep on?

A small research study in New Zealand suggests that falling asleep and/or waking up on the left, both or either, is protective of baby's wellbeing.

Meanwhile, balancing out what is too tight in pelvic muscles and ligaments will help baby move towards the left in most cases. This may take several days or weeks of the daily exercises shown here and other sources, or may take professional help to accomplish in pregnancy. A well working metabolism helps, and walking and movement with a whole food, low sugar (or no sugar) diet helps your metabolism.

I also highly recommend that when you 

lie on your side that you use a pillow between your knee AND your ankle.

Don't let your ankle "hang" without support as this twists the uterine ligaments. 

Hi there, I just have a question: my baby is breech and I am 32 weeks. The baby is on my right side, I am going to start doing some exercises I have seen on the Spinning Babies website and YouTube, but I was wondering if I should be sleeping different. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

 The Spinning Babies Lady (me!) suggests

Perhaps it might be helpful if on the night after a chiropractic appointment, or other body work, that you try to sleep on the side that baby faces for more time than your other side, matching baby's back.

Switch when it's uncomfortable. Sleep is more important than staying awake and trying to sleep with a numb arm or hip, right? Getting up to go to the bathroom is shown to be protective of baby's wellbeing, so don't get to frustrated with getting up at night.

If your doctor recommends you sleep on your left side because you have high blood pressure, that's another matter. I'll stay out of that discussion.

For fetal position, the balance is on the inside. Attend to that and which side you sleep on will be less important. With a twist in the lower part of the uterus, trying to move baby by sleeping on the side baby's limbs are on may not work.