My previous birth was hard, what about this one?

Many women have a much easier birth the second time. The first baby seems to have left road signs telling the future babies where to turn.

The exceptions are few, and these are usually when a significant soft tissue injury occurred in the woman's past, even in childhood, but perhaps between pregnancies.

Another situation which can make a subsequent birth hard would be a large baby and a truly small pelvis. Add a posterior or asynclitic (tipped head) baby and there may be a long labor.

Balance the body when either of these situations occur and you will see a great improvement in the birth process.

Combine Active Birth principles with a really good pregnancy diet (healthy food choices, not low calorie) and you can improve chances of a straight forward labor even more.

Check out the Lamaze 6 birth practices for a better birth experience while you are working towards a better birth experience.

Whether you had a cesarean, vacuum or spontaneous birth, whether you had a breech or posterior baby before, you can bring about a better balance, better nutrition and lifestyle habits, and better support for a birth to look forward to. Please don't be afraid. You have much to look forward to! Labor is worth it!