Can Spinning Babies’ suggestions put a baby who is in a good position into a bad position?

Can Spinning Babies’ suggestions put a baby who is in a good position into a bad position?

The benefits of all the usual Spinning Babies techniques are good for anterior starting positions as well as the posterior starting positions.

The usual techniques will not put an anterior baby who is in a good position already into a poor position.

Some of the special circumstances techniques should not be used unless the fetal position is known!

  • Don't do an open-knee chest for a head down baby during pregnancy. This position needs regular contractions to keep baby head down.
  • Don't do an inversion if the mother has an unusual amount of amniotic fluid or the head down baby is above the pelvic brim. Inversion is ok for the head up (breech) or side ways (transverse lie) baby.
  • A short, 30-second inversion is ok for a head down baby when the mother's belly isn't so loose that baby can change position every time she changes position. This could happen with extra amniotic fluid (the doctor is having you come in weekly to check on you and the baby), or a woman who is quite loose in the abdomen, for instance, a woman having her 6th baby or this could be her first if her body is unusually limber and loose. The baby would be easily felt, I think. 
  • If you don't feel comfortable inverting, don't do it. See the article to read when to do it and who should not do this.


Proceed under your own advice. 

Women have been inverting with yoga for decades. While I know of no study for statistics on going upside down in pregnancy with a head-down baby and having the baby flip breech, it may happen rarely. On the other hand, 3-5% (yes, 5%) of American babies are breech at term, so one in 20 is potentially breech and that means they flip breech at some point, not always in the second trimester, but the third trimester, too. 
The question has to be, do babies flip breech less often or more often if mother's do a 30-second inversion once a day throughout pregnancy. 

I know that these moms doing daily inversions are reporting less discomfort and lots of breeches, though not all, flipping head down.