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When should one start?

When should one start?

Starting good posture before pregnancy is best, really in childhood. While we’re on the topic of children, can we stop the habit of putting developing bodies into restrictive chairs for long hours and for over 12 years of school? We’ve grown up with our backs restricted all day, then ride home in bucket style seating, only to slouch in front of the television or more sitting in front of a computer. Plus, a lack of sunlight (Vitamin D) is causing increasing rates of pelvis-twisting rickets.

In pregnancy, practice good posture as soon as you learn of the benefits.

A study based on ultrasound images through pregnancy show that fetal positioning begins after the 10th week of pregnancy! Most babies have chosen their final birthing position at the end of the second trimester. My observations show that by 31 weeks most first time babies are in position. The small number of breech babies becomes a smaller number until 3-4% are still breech at term (40 weeks) For some babies, whether breech or posterior, it will take more than good posture to change. Second babies may be able to use the mother’s gravity friendly positions to change until about 34-37 weeks. A few babies are exceptions to this and can change their position even in labor.

Most women begin their search for birth knowledge in the last trimester. Many times there will be enough time for the determined mother. When the pelvic brim is not round and the baby is posterior it might be too late to get the baby in a good starting position by maternal positioning alone. Other things can be done in the last weeks of pregnancy.