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About Gail


Spinning Babies Website is a project of Gail Tully's.

Gail is a midwife in
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

in the Central Time Zone (6 hours before Greenich)

Tel: (612) 817-3144

Gail gets more emails than to which she can politely or fully respond.  And really must reduce time answering emails, which is heart breaking for her. An option is to have scheduled phone consultations for women who want to discuss an upcoming or previous birth (there is a charge).

Please resist sending general emails that say, "I'm pregnant and want to know what to do." I will say, "Honey, this site is for you! Enjoy exploring Spinning Babies." 

Extremely Important: By emailing Gail, you are agreeing that the content of your email may be used publicly on her site. Names will Not be posted unless you grant permission in your email.  I am always looking for concise stories that tell how using maternal positioning and techniques resolved a stuck or long labor, or helped achieve an "easier" labor.

Email: Either, gail at SpinningBabies (dot) com; or speebee at gmail dot com fix it, you know what to do. 

I rarely answer Facebook messages or posts or blog posts.

Email to use the consultation phone call option (there is a charge). Gail's travel may mean she doesn't have immediate or even daily access to email, Skype, or a phone. Sorry.

Tell Gail your city (or nearest big city) or time zone, which # baby this is for you, and how far along you are in pregnancy or labor.


I do want to celebrate your journey and desire for an emotionally nurturing birth for you and your baby, of course! I just don't have much time for emails. The website is for ALL of you. You, too!

Do share your stories that tell how using these techniques resolved helped achieve an "easier" labor. And if these techniques didn't work,  share which ones they were and how frequent you did them and at what gestational age, that would be helpful, too. They don't always work, even when the "right" technique supposedly matches the issue. Its important that we don't pretend these always work. Let's tell the stories in Real Stories


About Gail Tully, CPM


After 20 years with a small homebirth practice and organizing active community doula program development in hospitals and non-profits in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Gail is now devoted to developing Spinning Babies and her other areas such as Belly Mapping and Resolving Shoulder Dystocia. Gail became a CPM in 2000 and still enjoys being called in to stalled labors and breech births when her support might be helpful. 

Gail's related published works include

  • This Spinning Babies website (2002 to the present)
  • "First Twin: Breech" Midwifery Today Issue Number 106 (Summer 2013) Breech Birth Issue
  • "Identifying and Resolving Obstructed Breech Birth: When to Touch and When to Be Hands-free"
    Midwifery Today Issue Number 106 (Summer 2013) Breech Birth Issue
  • “Arm Behind the Back: A shoulder dystocia complication” Midwifery Today Autumn 2012 Issue 103. P18-19, 69.  (2012)
  • “FlipFLOP: Four Steps to Remember” Midwifery Today Autumn 2012 Issue 103. p. 9-11. (2012)
  • “Opening the Pelvic Brim with the Trochanter Roll” Midwifery Today Issue 96 (Spring 2011)
  • Belly Mapping, Midwifery Today Issue 96. (Winter 2010/2011)
  • Resolving Shoulder Dystocia DVD, Maternity House Publishing (2010);
  • Belly Mapping Workbook, Maternity House Publishing (2009);
  • Belly Mapping How Kicks and Wiggles Reveal Your Baby’s Position. International Doula Vol. 12. Issue 4 (Fall 2004);
  • “Shoulder Dystocia; The basics Midwifery Today (Summer 2003).

Her unpublished paper, Perspectives in Breech Birth (1994) helped to preserve breech options in Minnesota Traditional Midwifery law (1999). 


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