How is Spinning Babies Different?

Click to learn more about how Spinning Babies is different than other childbirth perspectives and methodsSpinning Babies is an approach to childbirth preparation like no other.

Mom's job is to dilate, but baby' s job is to rotate. If we can help baby's job be easier, we can make labor easier for the mother as well. The 3 Principles, Balance, Gravity, and Movement can be applied to any childbirth method, whether managed or physiological to empower today's childbearing women. 

Spinning Babies recognizes that, though the maternity provider is focused on the mother's dilation, labor progress is often dependent on baby's rotation. To fit the pelvis better, the baby's job is to rotate, or spin around. to face mother's back whenever possible. This website teaches mother's and their helpers how to make rotation easier for the baby. Spinning Babies is the active part of patience. 


"I caught three babes in 24 hours and saved TWO from C/S with Spinning Babies techniques." -Aszani Stoddard, CNM with a hospital practice. 


Spinning Babies begins with a series of activities for Balancing the mother's body. When a mother's body is generally symmetrical, and what I mean is that she doesn't have a misaligned pelvis or have super tight ligaments or muscles on one side of her uterus. Symmetry helps the baby aim into the pelvis more easily. Body balancing comes through body work and a woman's own activities. Spinning Babies also maintains the trust of birth through traditional midwifery skills for the long labor. Sometimes medical help is necessary, helpful, and occasionally life saving. I'm all for the cooperative, appropriate use of medical interventions. Our challenge, granolas and techies alike, is to know when intervention is appropriate. My website expects that everyone is doing the best they can for the mother and child - especially the mother and child!


 Spinning Babies? -Doesn't sound very nice. Sounds, kind of, like juggling kittens. - comment by Andrea Millage, Minnesota. Andrea, you crack me up!


Spinning Babies hopes to prevent common problems from malpositions of the baby's head with the 3 Principles of Balance, Gravity, and Movement in the most physiologically sound manner practical. 

But, because a large minority of posterior and breech babies (and 100% of babies lying sideways in the womb in a Transverse Lie) may need surgery to get born, Spinning Babies Website presents a way to help you reduce complications due to fetal malposition.

Fetal positions defined. Read the Anatomy of Spinning Babies.


Spinning Babies begins where Optimal Fetal Positioning leaves off. Don't get me wrong, OFP is a break-through concept in childbirth. OFP set the direction of my life work. Read the description of Optimal Fetal Positioning and praise for the midwife/childbirth educator duo who began it on my Optimal Fetal Positioning article.


Spinning Babies starts with Balance as the first Principle of Spinning Babies.

Optimal Fetal Positioning begins with gravity-friendly, maternal positioning to open the pelvic brim. Gravity is Spinning Babies' second principle.


"You are a treasure, Gail. I use your website at so many births (I seem to attract these malpositioned babies). I've sent you a paypal donation before and will again. Who knows how many labors were shortened by hours because of the information on Spinning Babies."

H B, doula, Chicago