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Daily Essentials presonal "exercise" or "yoga" video for general daily flexibility and comfort.
88 minute video.  Check out the Preview or download it today:



Gail offers one-hour phone consultations to help you plan for your upcoming birth or address a past birth.

Gail is not a doctor nor a therapist and cannot help with medical management questions or mental health treatment. She can offer an experienced ear, a compassionate heart and insights to your situation. She is practical without being jugemental and pragmatic without being ideological. But she'll tell you as she sees it.

1. Click on the payment link and pay for the consultation hour.

2. Receive an email from her with time choices within the next week. A delay may be possible when Gail is traveling where internet is scarce or her time is being in classes from dawn to night and traveling. That's monthly but not every week.

  • Please tell Gail in your reply what your time zone is! We have to coordinate times.
  • Please tell Gail 2 sentences to decribe your goal for the phone call.
  • Please tell Gail a brief description of your births, your situation, the background for the call
  • Please give Gail 1-3 times you are available
  • You can email birth records and a written paragraph giving me permission to read them.


3. Call Gail at the hour agreed upon. A back up time may be chosen in case you or Gail have a birth or a time conflict.

4. If Gail recommends a follow up phone call, there will be no additional charge for the first 30 minutes. There will be a $25 dollar charge for the second 30 minutes or portion there of.

5. Skype might be an option instead of the phone. Send Gail your Skype name in your email and she will send a request for being a Skype friend/contact that you will click on to accept before we can talk.


In person meetings are sometimes available in Gail's Minneapolis/St. Paul area or where she is traveling for workshops (see Calendar). A one-hour meeting payment is made on the website at the time of scheduling.

A full refund is given if Gail is not available for the first time choice or the second "rain date" time choice. You could also email Gail to arrange for times first, before you go through the payment process.

No refund is available once the phone call or meeting takes place. If you are disappointed in the phone call there is still no refund once the phone call has taken place. If you cancel the call 24 hours in advance or more there is no charge. Within 24 hours there is no refund. If Gail wonders where you are because you miss the call, you will have to begin again with Step 1, Payment.

Phone consultations give women a chance to process their upcoming or previous birth experience. This can be considered a peer support conversation. One-to-one is often an empowering and nurturing experience with some personal growth challenges to help create a new opportunity for healing, awareness and to make our dreams come true.

Think about what you want to discuss, and write out your questions and needs. Gail will want to know how many weeks pregnant you are, if you are pregnant. She'll want to know what city you are in and which child this is for your or which children's birth you are discussing (first, second, how many years apart). It will be helpful to tell her the weights of babies, lengths of labors and whether we're talking about a VBAC, a hospital/birth center/home birth, etc. Any records you might scan and email are not fully protected. Even though I wouldn't share them and will delete them after our meeting, because of email, I am not able to protect our privacy, yours or mine, on any thing emailed.

Your call is confidential and you will be respected.



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eClass Basic Childbirth Class

Begin your learning adventure through Spinning Babies Understanding Childbirth Education eClass.

This quality childbirth education program is similar to ones that are available at a local hospital or an independent educator. In fact, the quality of this professionally made class is excellent.  Take a look at the sample chapter to see the way the material is presented.  I think you’ll be pleased. I was! 

You receive all this:

  • 24-hour access, 90 days
  • Professionally made videos
  • Bright, to-the-point slideshows
  • Downloadable pdf's with illustrations and more info
  • Gail Tully's Spinning Babies Parent Handout eBook! Not available unless you take her class.
  • Links to other great resources
  • Welcome email arrives within 48 hours.
  • An option to include a consultation call with Gail Tully.

It's yours to discover for 3 luxurious months. 

Take a peek at the sample chapter and see the quality before you order.

InJoy eClass Preview: Understanding Birth

Add your time zone/City


Order your eClass access now!

After paying for the class you will receive a welcome email within 48 hours. Click the link to finish the registration process. Class begins 24-48 hours from "click." Email gail@ this website if you have any trouble.

Need more questions answered? Included are two ways to contact "The Spinning Babies Lady:"

  • A special email invitation for limited email contact if your question isn't covered in the eClass or at the Spinning Babies Website
  • A special phone consultation offer with a special low price only for eClass registrants


Through webpages, video, slideshows, pdf's and links to off-site internet resources, you will receive a comprehensive birth preparation sure to please.

The first part (the tab “eClass”) is more about childbirth in general than Spinning Babies. You get a foundation of Spinning Babies advice that makes understanding Spinning Babies much easier for you.  Gail's personal commentary on the main material is found in the “Service & Info” tab. It's almost like having a conversation with Gail as she shares what she thinks about your class material!


Order now and make use of the nutritional advice and maternal positioning tips! It is a great price for a great class - one that you can work on any time you have a few minutes. You can't get more convenient!


You will be pleased with the overall, excellent flow of material in this class. It is so easy to navigate! Take a month to explore and return to study the details that catch your interest. Gather your family around your computer and watch the videos and take the little tests together.


Links to areas you need more information in the Spinning Babies Website will make it easier to go back and forth between the eClass and the site.

This is a fantastic resource and yours to explore for three months.



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The entire eClass including the videos are available for use on a MAC or PC computer or PC tablet with the provided Flash player.


iPads and iPhones do not support Adobe Flash.  You can see the eClass printed material on your iPad or iPhone but to view the eClass videos on iPad or iPhones you will need to purchase a $4.99 App called Photon Flash <>.


You can use your Username/email address and password for the eClass to access the class once you use this browser for iPad or iPhones.


There's a Pregnancy Tea recipe waiting for you! Get your cup ready and pour on the eClass!


Strong early labor surges and retreats

Some women experience a labor pattern that is not described in childbirth preparation books. Strong labor seems to start and stop or surge and withdraw for some hours or days. Its not the night time surges that disappear with the sun. These come any time and contractions may be long and irregular but strong for hourse and then fade away. This pattern can occur with or without back labor. An internal exams reveals that baby is still high in the pelvis.

The baby must get into the pelvis to get through the pelvis.

We expect the first time baby to engage in the pelvis at 38 weeks. For some, the uterine action to engage baby seems like labor, sometimes as strong as labor associated with transition. But the baby isn't even on the cervix.

When the baby is not engaged in the pelvis the uterus works very hard to try to get the baby into the pelvis. The pain is on the pubic bone, but can also be felt in the back or rectum. When baby moves, baby may "grind" the forehead on the pubic bone trying to rotate away from the front of the pelvis. Sometimes there isn't pain to give a clue.

The cervix is often open less than 3 cm in a first time mom. But don't rely on the cervix! Sometimes women open all the way to 10 cm and yet the baby hasn't come into the pelvis.


The nurse, midwife, or doctor finds the baby high with a vaginal exam. This drawing shows a baby in the occiput transverse (slightly left occiput posterior since we see both eyes, but body matches the left occiput transverse).

Let's look compare two posterior babies in the next drawing. One is engaged. One is not. See the one overlapping the pubic bone?

If the baby isn't engaged, the nurse, midwife, or doctor may say the baby is -3 station. This unengaged posterior baby often must rotate to left occiput transverse before engaging. Spinning Babies techniques aim to help rotation. Otherwise, the baby would eventually be born by cesaresan. This mother might be told she is too small or her baby is too big. Rotation may solve the problem to let baby engage and descend through the pelvis.

The mother can check her own abdomen for a little tell-tale "ledge" resting on her pubic bone. If the ledge is there, its usually baby's forehead. Then we know contractions may start and stop until the baby is turned.

High in the pelvis might also be termed -2 station (2 cm above the halfway point of the ischial spines).

When baby is directly posterior the back of the head might be felt in the pelvis at -2 and the provider thinks the baby is engaged. This is also because the head won't wiggle. If the forehead overlaps the pubic bone then the forehead isn't in the pelvis and the baby isn't truly engaged.

Let's share the solution for many women in this situation:

3 Sisters of Balance relaxes the mother's abdomen and makes room for fetal rotation.

  1. Rebozo sifting
  2. Forward leaning inversion through 3 contractions
  3. Sidelying release through 3 contractions on each side

Now the laboring woman can often rest. Labor may be mild for an hour. She can snooze.

Surges begin again.  If a woman isn't pushing her baby out, she follows the 3 Sisters with the techniques to match pelvic level:

Baby still high? We balanced, now we reposition the baby for flexion--

Abdominal lift while doing a posterior pelvic tilt to flatten the lower back moving the sacral promontory out of the way. Baby tucks chin and can now rotate out of posterior and descend. Do Abdominal Lift and Tuck through a contraction for 10 contractions in a row. Let the belly down and relax the back in between contractions.

Or, Baby is Zero, "0," station, in the midpelvis, or

+1, +2 station, lower down in the outlet.

Either way, strong labor isn't progressing labor.

Do 3 lunges on each leg, resting between ctr.

This series of techniques will help almost everyone.


A woman with an android pelvis, large baby and low thyroid may need help with more techniques, including a manual rotation of the baby by her OB or Midwife (done internally). If the posterior baby is large for the mother's pelvis and the mother's ligaments are tight, an excellent myofascial therapist who is specially trained in pregnancy may be necessary to avoid a cesarean.

To prevent that crisis in a labor, begin before pregnancy or early in pregnancy to release spasms and imbalance in the whole body and pelvis to promote optimal fetal positioning in labor.

The 3 Sisters is the most powerful contribution of Spinning Babies to the birth world. These sisters work to balance the pelvis in pregnancy and in labor. Starting balance in pregnancy may mean you won't need them in labor. Starting balance in pregnancy may mean you don't end up with a crisis in labor to a stalled labor or "baby won't fit." Some women need more specific balancing activities.


This addition to the Spinning Babies Website was inspired by a Huffington post:

Parent Class Video

 2 hours. DVDs available November 28th  Order now at $40.00 USD

 Or download right now for $29.99 USD  All currencies accepted via




On the set of Parent ClassWith Gail’s easy instruction and visual aids, Spinning Babies Parent Class provides you detailed preparation with Fantastic Four and maternal positioning in pregnancy. 

We compare labor patterns to tell the labor in which no intervention is needed compared to one that would benefit from these gentle techniques.

Welcoming the baby together


Parents can take shared responsibility with their care providers for what to do to resume labor progress when there’s a stall in labor.



Parent Class video production scene

This 2-hour video will help the parent who wants to know more than what is covered in a usual childbirth class:

  • Helping baby engage when baby is still high after labor begins,
  • Posterior Pelvic Tilt for opening the pelvic brim,
  • Sidelying Release and the Lunge to overcome a stall at 5 - 8 cm,
  • Quick reminder on pushing positions,
  • Real consultations on how to turn babies


Lauren does the breech tilt off the couch on her ironing board to flip her breech.

Watch consultations on how to turn babies:

A woman working in an office in the building where we were filming was pregnant with her baby lying sideways (called a transverse lie) late in pregnancy.


We suggested the forward-leaning inversion and asked her to come and bring her husband the next day and be filmed to see how baby was lying. See her do a forward-leaning inversion. Her baby was head down at her next prenatal exam with her doctor!


See a couple with a breech baby do both the forward-leaning inversion and the breech tilt.


She had an easy external cephalic version the next day as scheduled with her OB. The techniques may have contributed to the ease of the ECV.



Spinning Babies Parent Class is perfect for parents who want to move beyond the basic childbirth education class. Order yours today!


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Hi Gail, 

I want to say thank you! A first time mother's posterior birth went well [with] a short labor. Membranes ruptured about 8am. Her labor started about 6pm: 3cm dilated; LOP station -1; cervix soft and effaced. 

We did rebozo sifting, sidelying release, abdominal lift and tuck, standing sacral release, Dip the hip, circling on the birth ball, lunge and she birthed at 9.58pm in sidelying position with hands around the husband's neck.

Baby's head showed more molding on the right side. What you taught in the workshop and website made a difference!

Chiew Gin, Doula, Singapore