Spinning Babies: Easier Birth with Fetal Positioning

I believe childbirth can be instinctual, pleasurable, and often last only 4-8 hours. How do I hold this belief when so many women have long and painful labors and when 1 in 3 American women are taken in for a surgical birth? Because for 30 years I’ve been focused on fetal position, 14 years on this website. Plus, I’ve taught this to parents and providers, doulas, and childbirth educators (including prenatal yoga teachers) and hear their amazing results. Together we notice that when women restore the balance in their muscles and alignment in the pelvis, birth goes better. When providers understand the anatomy of “soft tissues” and how the pelvis moves and opens at three levels, they can pick better solutions when labor is long. The natural physiology of birth and the relationship of the baby and mother, and the mother with her birth team brings all these discoveries into play!

You have found traditional, natural ways to help your breech baby turn head down and your head down baby get tucked in and directed into the pelvis.  “Head down is only half the story!” Facing the mother’s back is “anterior” and baby fits the pelvis better. Facing the front (posterior) makes baby’s head seem larger when trying to enter the pelvis. Help your baby turn or make room for the baby in your anatomy. Did you know you can help your pelvis have more room? This website has tips and principles to help your baby rotate in labor – which makes your labor easier for you, too! To begin, click on the “Start” menu above. Browse through “In pregnancy,” and “In labor.”  Start today for a more comfortable pregnancy and an easier birth! It is not too early.

Watch the trailer above to hear Gail introduce Spinning Babies, and find out how Daily Essentials DVD can add stability and flexibility to the birthing pelvis.

Need more specific birth education?

For a good childbirth education, get the Spinning Babies Online Childbirth Education Class. Next, the Spinning Babies Parent Class  (see trailer below) adds myofascial releases to the Daily Essentials and adds insights and tips for progressing through labor and avoiding the common reasons for an unexpected cesarean due to “failure to progress.”

Share your story with us! We want to learn from you as much as you want to learn from Spinning Babies!