Spinning Babies: Easier Birth with Fetal Positioning

I believe childbirth can be instinctual, pleasurable, and easier. How can I believe this when there is so much fear and talk about pain in labor?  Why, some ask, would 1 in 3 American women birth by cesarean if it was so natural?

For 30 years I’ve observed fetal position, rotation, and progress in labor. I’ve taught Spinning Babies to parents, providers, doulas, and childbirth educators for 14+ years and now every day I get to hear their happy results:

  • Back labor eased
  • Slow labor made smooth and fast
  • Breech babies that flip head down
  • Transverse (sideways) babies scheduled for cesarean suddenly turn head down and the cesarean is canceled
  • First labors occurring regularly in 8 hours or less.
  • Providers smiling because they learned something here not taught in university
  • Cesareans canceled outside the OR when a technique done last minute releases the baby
  • More natural births and VBACs around the world!
Together we notice that when women restore the balance in their muscles and alignment in the pelvis, birth goes better.  The natural physiology of birth and the relationship of the baby and mother, and the mother with her birth team brings all make up the wonderful world of Spinning Babies!
  • Natural ways to help your breech baby turn head down
  • Techniques to help your head down baby get anterior, flexed, and into your pelvis
  • Create more room in your pelvis – and more comfort in pregnancy
  • Making labor easier for your baby makes labor easier for you!
Hi Gail
My baby girl will be one in a few weeks, so naturally I am reflecting on her delivery. At about 30 weeks, my midwife said the baby was sunnyside up and recommended Spinning Babies. I incorporated the windmill, lunges and other exercises into  my usual workout routine and started the forward leaning inversion, psoas release, pelvic floor release and hip dip at home. I am a small person with naturally tight and misaligned hips and pregnancy is just terribly uncomfortable, but doing the above exercises offered tremendous relief, helped my body relax in the evenings so I could get better sleep and helped align the baby for birth. My labor and delivery was fast- 3.5 hours (she’s my second baby)- and she was face down! I’m pretty sure these exercises helped. I just directed 2 friends to your site as they are coming up on their D days [due dates]. I hope everything here helps them as it did me!

Susanna Kantor, happy activist of the Spinning Babies approach to balancing her birth anatomy

Click on the “Start” menu above. Browse through “In pregnancy,” and “In labor.”  Start today for a more comfortable pregnancy and an easier birth! It is not too early.

Watch the trailer above to hear Gail introduce Spinning Babies, and find out how Daily Essentials DVD can add stability and flexibility to the birthing pelvis.

Need more specific birth education?

For a good childbirth education, get the Spinning Babies Online Childbirth Education Class. Next, the Spinning Babies Parent Class  (see trailer below) adds myofascial releases to the Daily Essentials and adds insights and tips for progressing through labor and avoiding the common reasons for an unexpected cesarean due to “failure to progress.”

Share your story with us! We want to learn from you as much as you want to learn from Spinning Babies!